Physical Recovery


Differences Between Primary Care Physicians’ and Oncologists’

Journal of General Internal Medicine. Vol 26 No. 12. December 2011, pp.1403-10. Potosky A. L.

Yoga Program Reduces Muscle Pain in Women with Breast Cancer Taking Aromatase Inhibitors

The success of the Yoga for Cancer Survivors Program at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York demonstrated improvement in musculoskeletal discomfort associated with use of Aromatase Inhibitors as breast cancer hormonal therapy.  This program's success was presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in June, 2012.

Rehabilitation of Breast Cancer Related Functional Deficits

Caban, M.E. and R. Yadav, Rehabilitation of breast-cancer related functional deficits. Critical Reviews in Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine, 2008. 20(1): p. 1-23.

Getting Well After Cancer

Cure Magazine, Fall Supplement, August 28, 2009

Begin Healing with a Single Step

This article from CURE Magazine offers immediate and easy suggestions for your initial recovery from the effects of cancer treatment.

Physical Activity and the Cancer Patient

This article in CURE Magazine was originally published by the American Cancer Society.  It gives a thorough and practical approach to physical activity following cancer treatment and beyond.

Active Recovery

In this article from CURE Magazine, physical therapists Leslie Waltke and Beth Rothman discuss the benefits of exercise and rehabilitation in cancer recovery.

Adjusting to Life after Cancer: Physically and Emotionally

This article from CURE Magazine includes a practical perspective on physical activity when cancer treatment ends.

Let's Get Moving !

This article is written by Anna L. Schwartz, PhD, and speaks to the many benefits of physical activity during and after cancer treatment.

She has written a book for survivors, entitled: "Cancer Fitness: Exercise Programs for Patients and Survivors."

Walking, Cycling May Ease Cancer-Related Fatigue

This recent study from England illustrates that even short periods of exercise during cancer treatment can be successful in helping to eliminate cancer-related fatigue.

Postoperative Breast Pain Persists for Many Breast Cancer Patients

This article is found in a leading magazine distributed to cancer care professionals.  The article cites research published in a medical journal, the Journal of Pain (2012:13:1172-1187) that describes postoperative breast pain.  Read more here.  Oncology Times, volume 35, # 5, March 10, 2013, pp. 14-15.  Author: Lindsey, Heather.

Guide to understanding Lymphedema

This guide from the Life Beyond Breast Cancer organization provides information to learn of risks, symptoms and treatment for cancer related lymphedema.  Access more information with the link here, and the guide can be obtained in print or download format.