Breast Cancer in Young Adults


New research identifies more young women with breast cancer

This article cites new statistics that shows the increased occurrence of breast cancer in young women.  Read more here.  This article was initially published in the New York Times on 2/26/2013.  Author: Denise Grady

New research shows increased incidence of breast cancer in young women

This article, published in the New York Times on 2/16/13 by Denise Grady cites the increased incidence of breast cancer in young women.  Read more here.

Study Finds Young Cancer Survivors Often Skip Checkups

This article is from The ASCO Post, Volume 4, # 4, March 1, 2013, pp. 1, 36.  Author: Cavallo, Jo

Cancer in Young Adults

This resource from Cancer.Net is developed by the largest organization of cancer physicians in the United States, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).  This site provides information about a variety of issues for young adults facing cancer, and resources to choose from.  Read more here.

Resources for Survivorship from the Young Survival Coalition

The Young Survival Coalition ( , now 15 years in existence, is a leading resource for young women facing breast cancer.  Follow this link here to the YSC Survivorship link.

Planet Cancer

Planet Cancer was founded by young adults in their 20's who faced cancer and decided to build a program for the specific issues of young adults with cancer.  Funded by the Livestrong Foundation, one can find many unique educational resources and programs through this link.  Planet Cancer strives to provide peer support and advocacy for young adults under age 40 facing cancer.

Too Young to Have Breast Cancer?

Read this article found the O Magazine, October, 2013.  Author:  Jihan Thompson

Girl, Interrupted

This article in the October, 2013 issue of Vogue discusses that youth is no defense against breast cancer for every woman.  Also, learn of the perspective of finding a guy to maintain a long-term relationship with, acknowledging a history of breast cancer as a young woman.   Read more here.

The Real Deal on Young Women and Breast Cancer

Kudos to the October, 2013 issue of Glamour Magazine for this article that shares considerable insight from young women with breast cancer who have learned from the experience of their breast cancer very important lessons in their cancer.  This article, written by  Rebecca Weber will share worthy insight from women under 40 affected by breast cancer.  Read more here.

The Stressors and Vulnerabilities of Young Single Childless Women with Breast Cancer: A Qualitative Study

European Journal of Oncology Nursing, Volume 18, # 1, pp. 17-22, February, 2014.  First author; Corney, Roslyn

Young Survival Coalition: Young Women Facing Breast Cancer Together

The Young Survival Coalition ( offers extensive educational resources, programs, and opportunities for young women interested in becoming involved in issues related to young women facing breast cancer.  Explore this dynamic organization in this link here:

Determing Why Younger Women with Breast Cancer are Less Likely to Survive Than Their Older Counterparts

This article, from the Oncologist news magazine, The ASCO Post, 4/15/14 discusses issues surrounding survival statistics for young women with breast cancer.  Read more here: