Gynecologic Issues: Sexuality/Fertility/Menopause


"The Blow Below the Belt: Changes in Sexual Desire and Intimate Experiences"

This link to the Young Survival Coalition website discusses a breast cancer survivor's possible change in feelings of intimacy, and how to cope.

Sex and Intimacy provides this short essay on the topic of understanding and maintaining Intimacy in a relationship as one recovers from the effects of breast cancer.  The link provides additional material to pursue this issue.

Fertility Preservation Patient Guide from the American Society of Clinical Oncology

This link from Journey Forward and the American Society of Clinical Oncology provides recommendations for fertility preservation.

Life After Cancer Treatment: Body Changes and Intimacy

This Journey Forward resource provides insight as to issues of body image and intimacy following cancer treatment.

Life After Cancer Treatment: Managing Menopause Symptoms

Journey Forward and the National Cancer Institute provides this educational module on Menopause management following cancer treatment.

Intimacy and Sexuality

This module is from the Life Beyond Breast Cancer conference in April, 2012.  Speaker Don S. Dizon, MD explores issues and solutions regarding how breast cancer changes relationships regarding Intimacy and Sexuality.

Persistence is Key to Treating Sexual Pain

New York Times, Personal Health column, August 7, 2012, page D7.  Author: Brody, Jane E.

     This article discusses vaginal pain and provides insight and  a number of recommendations for relief of symptoms as well as providing a list of references at the end of the article for additional information.

Not For Men Only

O, The Oprah Magazine, August, 2012, p. 104. Author: Harris, C.M.  This article describes the use of testosterone supplementation in one pre-menopausal breast cancer survivor on estrogen-suppressive therapy.  While this treatment may not be right for every breast cancer survivor, the article describes symptoms related to testoserone deficiency in women, and the reversal of these symptoms with testosterone supplementation.

Cancer and Sex

This article, published in Cancer Today is written by Hester Hill Schnipper.  The article includes steps to take to re-establish intimacy in a relationship.

Sex and Intimacy after Cancer

This article in CURE Magazine provides insight into the issue of sex and intimacy as a cancer survivor.

Sexual Dysfunction

This article in CURE Magazine provides insight into this issue, which is relevant to many cancer survivors.

Finding Sensuality after Cancer

This article in CURE Magazine provides a revealing discussionon the subject of sensuality, which many cancer survivors struggle to re-establish.