Financial Issues


The Attorney as the Newest Member of the Cancer Team

Clinical Journal of Oncology. Vol. 24, No. 13. May 1, 2008. Fleishman, Stewart B.

Life After Cancer Treatment: Financial and Legal Matters

This resource from Journey Forward and the National Cancer Instittue provides insight as to financial and legal issues following cancer treatmetnt.

Life After Cancer Treatment: Financial and Legal Matters

This resource from Journey Forward discusses financial and legal issues to consider.  There are links to resources provided by the National Cancer Institute to educate on financial and legal matters relevant to those dealing with cancer.

Medical Insurance and Financial Assistance for the Cancer Patient

This article in CURE Magazine is written by The American Cancer Society.  It provides insight into health insurance considerations.

Resources to Ease the Financial Burden of Cancer

This article in CURE Magazine discusses medical debt, and resources to cope with this aspect of health insurance reality.

The Financial Advocate

This article in CURE Magazine discusses the role of the organization Cancer Care in assisting individual cancer survivors with the challenges of the financial burden of cancer treatment.

Expecting the Unexpected

This article in CURE Magazine discusses the often surprising reality of individual financial responsiblity one faces during cancer treatment.

Ten Steps to Financial Peace of Mind During Treatment

This article gives practical advice as one confronts the potential cost of cancer treatment.  It is published in CURE Magazine.

Guide to Understanding Financial Concerns

This guide is written by the Life Beyond Breast Cancer staff and provides a practical handbook for finacial issues as one faces the medical system.  The Guidebook is access in print format. One can download a sample of the text from the website.  Link here to obtain access to this excellent, insightful resource.

Long-Term Financial Burden of Breast Cancer: Experiences of a Diverse Cohort of Survivors Identified through Population-Based Registries

This article is published in the leading Oncology journal, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Volume 32, # 10, 3/24/14.  First author:  Jagsi, Reshma

Cancer Survivors Face Steep Economic Burdens: Excessive Medical Expense and Loss of Productivity at Work Plague Some, even Years After Initial Diagnosis

Read of the economic impact that some women face in : The journal, Cancer, volume 121, # 20, October 15, 2015,  pp. 3561-2. Author:  Printz, Carrie.