"A Journey into the Wilderness of Survivorship....."

".....in some ways, the hardest part of my cancer experience began once the cancer was gone."

      With that quote, I introduce you to the essay of a young woman, in her mid-20's, who struggles to find sense and purpose in her life after cancer treatment in New York City.  Though she does not have breast cancer, her struggle is just the same.  Additionally, she conveys the sense of aloneness that I know many face in cancer survivorship. 

     Suleika Jaouad has written a series of essays over the past two years about her cancer journey.  Her latest essay, published in the New York Times Science/Health section on 3/16/15, conveys the struggle in life after treatment.  In between her lines, we hear that frequent refrain of Survivors:   Where are those endearing Oncology staff members now???  Those doctors and nurses, and everyone else who wanted to know everything about me as I received therapy?  Who ever cared more for me?  And now without them, it's like falling through a Black Hole of uncertainty......How do I put a new life back together???

      A young woman after cancer treatment:  Friendships? A career?  A boyfriend?  Infertility?  A purpose and direction?  Read Suleika's latest essay in this link.  Her readers are eager for her next essay that will follow this one.

 Read more here: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/16/lost-in-transition-after-cancer/?_r=0