"Empower Your Recovery," has been developed by The Pink Ribbon Survivors Network as a 5 session group discussion session for breast cancer survivors.  The purpose is to provide perspective on the process of healing following the conclusion of the active phase of breast cancer treatment.  These sessions are designed to be lead by a knowledgeable Social Worker, who is experienced in issues facing breast cancer patients. Each session utiilizes material in the Curriculum for Recovery Library of the Pink Ribbon Survivors Network.  The five session topics are listed below:

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Monday, 22 September 2014 19:29

Cancer is a Big Word to Explain to Kids !!!

     On August 19, 2010, I received the dreaded phone call- "YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER."  Yes, the immediate devastation takes your breath away as you realize that the bottom of your world just dropped out from underneath you.  The the storm of emotional turmoil and despair hits you like a ton of bricks as you see the end of your life flash before your eyes.  That's what I envisioned: my death leaving my husband, Richard without a wife and my children, Matthew and Alyssa without a mother.  Then you begin battling with anger, disbelief, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, and feelings of impending doom.  This psychological terror plays itself out over and over again in your mind until exhaustion consumes you.  And if that was not enough, I had to find the strength and courage to call my husband with the horrible news........

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Sunday, 21 September 2014 02:37

Patient Driven Research- The Artemis Project

      Survivors have you ever wondered who decided what aspect of breast cancer will be studied?  Did you ever want a say in it?  Well, your time may have come.  The Artemis Project was created in 2011 and is sponsored by the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBBC.org).  NBCC created a deadline of the year 2020 " to design and implement research plans an interact through an infrastructure maintained by NBCC that allows collaborations to thrive and progress rapidly."  

      Dr. H. Kim Lylerly, a Professor of Surgery at Duke University, and who is part of the Artemis Project compares this collaboration to the "highly coordinated Apollo space project" that resulted in the 1969 moon landing (Harris, 2014).  Sounds perfect, right?  Depends upon who you ask.

      Getting to the moon was an engineering project that was complex, but involved science that was completely understood.  In a blog response to Harris, Kenneth Rubenstein points out that there is still a knowledge gap of understanding of how to attack breast cancer that we increasingly understand.   He does believe that a more coordinated effort would be preferrable to the current approach where research results are not always shared.  If you want to see how much research is being done, check out the list of 286,769 basic university-based breast cancer studies on PubMed Breast Cancer Studies.

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Monday, 08 September 2014 13:07

We Thank the CAN'D AID Foundation

     The CAN'D Aid Foundation, based in Longmont, Colorado is a unique and award winning foundation that looks to support local Colorado non-profit organizations that show a can-do spirit.  When major flooding struck northern Colorado in September, 2013, the CAN'D Aid Foundation was instrumental in providing local communities with financial relief for their devastating losses. 


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Monday, 08 September 2014 13:02

Yoga on the Steps

Living Beyond Breast Cancer (www.LBBC.org) will sponsor "Yoga on the Steps" at Cheesman Park Pavillion in central Denver on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 9 AM.  This event will be a great intro to yoga or an oppportunity to improve your skills, joined by several hundred participants sure to energize the experience of raising money and awareness for breast cancer in an outdoor venue.  To learn more and to register, visit www.LBBC.org and visit the events section of Living Beyond Breast Cancer's website.  Read more in this link to the event here: http://www.lbbc.org/Events/2014-09-13-Yoga-on-the-Steps-Denver

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