Sunday, 25 January 2015 17:23

Why do patients take the blame?

    I have often found the language of cancer professionals upside down and confusing.  Early in one's oncology career, we learn to describe a patient's clinical course with terms like: " She failed first line therapy,"  and "Her disease was refractory to the best available therapy."  We blame the patient for "failing,"  when it is the medical profession to blame for "failing" to pick a more successful course of therapy for the patient, in fact.  

     I am especially annoyed at one oncology specialty that includes in its treatment planning:  "Disposition plans:"   What does that mean?  Are we "disposing of the patient??? I thought I went into the medical field to care for the patients who came to see me, and to provide ongoing long-term follow up for them.  No wonder that laypersons become suspicious of the medical profession.....

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Thursday, 22 January 2015 04:11

"Writing Your Way to Happiness"

     I have known of the benefits of personal journaling for a number of years.  In the clinical literature, it is often referred to as "Cancer Journaling."  A recent article in a national newspaper provides considerable insight as to the merits of this tool.

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