Thursday, 20 August 2015 03:37

Breast Cancer Recovery Immediately Post-op

     Issues in Breast Cancer Recovery need to include the immediate post-operative period.  We can all relate to the patient after breast surgery with a fresh surgical incision, a surgical drain in place, and those first few days, a desperate sense of wanting a warm shower, as part of the initial recovery process.   Despite that desire, there is the need to avoid water contamination that might introduce a bacterial infection into the fresh surgical wound.  The solution voiced by many clinicians seems impractical:  "Use a trash bag, and cuts some holes for the head and arms."

    Fortunately, The Shower Shirt  was developed by an inventive woman, Lisa Crittes who faced this post-operative issue in 2009.

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     Health care professionals and individuals are eager to learn of the connection between food intake (what we should and shoudn't consume) and it's long term relation to cancer.  Conclusions and concrete advice are hard to come by.

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