Leaving a Legacy


Creating a Lasting Legacy

This resource discusses the concept of creating a legacy as one approaches an end of life situation.

Also, the article discusses strategy to assist a friend or family member with this task.

The Legacy Project: A Guideline Booklet for Leaving a Legacy

This is an amazing resource spanning more than forty pages with insight and practical advice for leaving a legacy in the context of one's family.The reader will find many practical and insightful recommendations within this guidebook.  It subtitle is " Capturing Memories of the Past, and Planning for the Future."

"Leaving a Legacy," from the Cancer Journey section from the Oncology Nursing Society

This essay is found on the Oncology Nursing Society's section known as "The Cancer Journey."   The essay is written by Laurl Matley.

The piece is thought provoking and relevant either to a patient or one acting as a supporter.

Dignity Therapy: Leaving Your Life Story

This article recounts the concept of telling one's life story as part of the end of life process.  Use of this technique has brought patients to more personal and spiritual peace as their life draws to a close.

Creating a " Life Letter, " or " Ethical Will."

This writer describes leaving an "Ethical Will," or "Life Letter," which is an essay written by someone at end of life, expressing what they want to leave for friends and family.  This can become a personal essay on one's life , its most important accomplishments, and the most cherished moments, or lessons learned.

Dying Woman Shares Life's Lessons. Creates foundation to encourage children to read. The "Light One Little Candle" foundation.

This piece which aired on MSNBC, describes a woman who leaves a foundation to help teach children the love of reading.  The article describes this effort as her legacy as she came to the end of her fight with breast cancer.  The woman created the " Light One Little Candle" foundation.

Advanced Care Planning booklet from the American Society of Clinical Oncology

This booklet on Advanced Care Planning from the American Society of Clinical Oncology provides straightforward information regarding Advanced Care Planning when cancer recurs and the outlook isn't hopeful for recovery.

Resolving Your Own Death

This article in CURE Magazine  helps the survivor come to terms with end of life issues, when there is no known curative therapy to consider.

A Lifeline for Widowed Fathers

This article, appearing on 4/23/13 in the Health section of the New York Times is written by Jane Brody, and reports on the issue of widowed fathers struggling to maintain care for their children.  Support groups for widowed fathers  have provided considerable support and resources as this article discusses.  Considering that there are more than 100,000 children being raised by single, widowed fathers in this country, this is a very real and urgent problem.  Read more here.

Legacy Video: Last Gift from a Terminally Ill Loved One

This article, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on 2/4/14 describes the benefit to the patient and the family that a legacy video can create.  Read more here.

Dying in America: Ensuring High-Quality Care at the End of Life

Read this thoughtful essay reflecting medical trends in end of life approaches from physicians in America.

Published in The ASCO Post, 11/15/14.